Our Istanbul mosaic lamp factory

We produce Mosaic lamps all metal parts and glass workmanship. We sell mosaic lamps to many countries of the world. Our customers are very satisfied with our Turkish lamp products and quality. If you want to sell mosaic lamps, we offer you quality at reasonable prices. Please contact us if you want to buy mosaic lamps. You can also visit our mosaic lamp factory in Istanbul.

GİFTLANDTURKEY  Hediyelik Eşya İthalat İhracat LTD.ŞTİ

  +90 536 880 25 91





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 https://giftlandturkey.com   http://turkishmosaiclamp.com   http://otantikmozaiklamp.com 

1. Showroom Address:   50.Yıl mah. 2190 SK NO:7 11/A Sultangazi/ISTANBUL/TURKEY

                   2. Showroom Address:   Aşağıhisar Mah. Gülveren Cad. No:54 Z01 Manavgat/ANTALYA/TURKEY

                                                                                                                         Factory Address:   Bayrampaşa/ISTANBUL/TURKEY