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Mosaic lamp wholesale shop

Our mosaic lamps have developed through years of experience in wholesale, appealing to authentic, quality handmade products and illuminating lighting enthusiasts looking for individual design.

Quality is important in mosaic lamps. Our mosaic lamps are manufactured using new techniques and are supplied by a certified electrician for safety and peace of mind.

Our special mosaic lampshades are produced with the highest quality materials available. Each shadow was laid out one by one using the most specific colors and glasses. Our authentic lamps and vintage sconces and ornaments were chosen with deep appreciation for the preservation of originality, authenticity and historical inspiration.

The “Modern Materials” lamps are built using the same high quality handmade production techniques as Antique & Vintage Lamps, but offer a combination of modern and classic glass that offers a unique lighting experience.
Antique & Vintage, Modern Materials and Mosaic lamps are available in our online gallery. Special lampshades can be made on request in any style.

Wholesale mosaic lamp Please contact turkishmosaiclamp@gmail.com for your orders.

Mosaic lamp

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